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Hi everyone, Yuuki here. I don't want to do a long post regarding this matter, because by now all of you now what the fandom is facing recently and what we will face in the future. I personally think that LJ can't be trusted easily anymore but at the same time it's a very important piece of me (and I suppose even of you), that's why I debated myself for a whole day trying to figure out what was the best thing to do. The thing that the most worried me was loosing my account because of my ff; yes they are very important to me but this account is what made me discover Arashi and all the people I know so I can't even accept the idea of having my account at risk. That's why I decided to delete all my fics from this account. I hope that this makes it safer than how it was.
Since I can't and I don't want to leave LJ, I decided to create a new account and a community for my fics. The community is sanoyuuki. You can find me even on dreamwidth: I have the same username 'yuuki_nyanmaru' there.
I sincerely hope that the fandom can survive at this and that the Arashi love can be spread even in the future.

Thank you for reading this post and let's all stay together and hope for the best <333
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Holidays are over...

So holidays are over and tomorrow school starts. I can't believe that 3 months have already passed and that I will begin my last year of school. It feels like it was yesterday that I was only 14 years old while now I'm 18. Time really flies.
Anyway let's talk about this summer.

I reached my goal *-* I wanted to finish all Arashi's dramas or at least most of them and I did it! I watched so many dramas, from "Kagi no Kakatta Heya" to "Haikei, Chichiue-sama", from "Minami-kun no Koibito" to "The Last Hope", and so on. I counted them and I watched something like 25 dramas, 14 between films and specials, and also some of those four-episode drama that Arashi did in the past. I know that someone can think "You are a weirdo" but I don't care because I feel really satisfied. Now I can concentrate on school without thinking "I have to finish that drama" XD.
I loved every drama that I saw, maybe someone less like "Tokujo Kabachi!!" (I'm sorry Sho), but I think that the dramas that left an impression on me were "Namida wo Fuite" (a drama in which Nino acted in 2000), "Smile" (2009, starring Matsujun), "Yankee Bokou Ni Kaeru" (In the drama (2003) Aiba is just a supporting role but in the special (2005) the lead role is played by Sho). This 3 dramas really moved me because the characters have to fight every day and even though it's hard, they never give up. If you are reading this by chance, I really suggest you to watch them because you can learn many things.
Then there are dramas that left "something" to me like "Gokusen" and the "ファイトーオー!" of Yankumi haha, or "Kisarazu Cat'e Eye" that made me love the やっさいもっさい 'till the point that I learned it and now I dream to live in Kisarazu XD. Then there is "Shinigami-kun" that made me love Riida soo much *-* I love so much him as Shinigami he is just perfect!

Okay I started to fangirl haha, anyway...I'm happy that I I achieved my goal and I can start school without remorse like "I didn't manage to do it". Now I feel very energetic and I'm "ready" to start my last year in high school!

Bye <33
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I Seek and Daylight

Hi world I'm here again! Aah I'm tired~
School is so hard in May, please June come fast I want holidays! Fortunately there are Arashi that always make me happy ^-^

So, I think all now watched the PVs of "I Seek" and "Daylight". I like them both but I prefer I Seek because I love the song and the PV is funny too! And then there are Sakuraiba in the kitchen at the beginning so I fangirl soo much over them *-* I like also when they are dancing around the table like drunk ojiisan ahah XD.
As of Daylight, I like the song and the PV is nice too but it's the classic JE-type of PV. However they are beautiful here especially my little brat that is soo wonderful *-* I also love his haircut. Let's say that if in the I Seek PV I fangirl over Sakuraiba, in the Daylight PV I fangirl over Nino XD.
I'm looking forward to the perfomance of Daylight on Music Station, I'm curious to see it. And I loved the perfomance of I Seek but I loved more the talk part ahah. Poor Aiba that can't wink XD Instead Nino is the "switch winker" ahah and the funny thing is that I'm like him too so this makes me a switch winker XD. And then Ohno that searches the camera at the perfomance's end ahahah. This was so funny. Music Station ほんとにありがとうございました~

Now I'm going to watch the new episode of 99.9 with sub and in the next days the sub of sekamuzu will be availible so this is the part of the week where I'm happier ahah XD.
It's all for now. Bye bye, またね <3<3

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Sekai Ichi Muzukashii Koi and 99.9% Keiji Senmon Bengoshi

Hi all~ It's already May, ne? Time flies fast. There is only one month of school and after I'm free *-* Well I will have some homework to do but I will do my best.

I'm following Ohno's sekamuzu and Jun's 99.9% and I have to say that they are so amazing *-* I really like them both because the plots are very interesting and you never know what might happen; they aren't boring so I enjoy every second of them.
If I have to choose between them I would choose sekamuzu because I love romantic-type dramas; then Samejima Reiji makes me laugh soo much XD He is really a great character and I'm looking forward to what he is going to do in the next episodes. Can't wait~
However I love also Miyama's character because he is really particular and clever. I like the way in which he resolves all the cases and the fact that he never gives up.
This month I will have many texts so thanks to these dramas I will be relaxed even though is only for two hours. Ohno and Matsjun ありがとうね~

I have to study now so I will go, I have to do my best for only this month and then freedom *-*
Bye bye, またね <3
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Finally tomorrow Easter's holidays start! I was waiting for this moment since weeks! Sincerely I was waiting them since the day we returned from Xmas' holidays ahahah XD.
Anyway, finally I have the time to watch a lot of Arashi's dramas and Arashi's programs ^-^ For these holidays I want to do nothing but stay in front of my computer and watch Johnnys stuff XD. I'm not an outdoor type (probably I'm worse than Nino), I don't go out very much, so it's not "bad" for me to stay at home ahah.
The dramas that I'm going to watch are "Youkoso, Wagaya E" of Aiba-kun and "Kimi Wa Petto" of Matsujun. Yes I know that already all the fandom has watched them but I'm an Arashian since July-August so I've not seen all their dramas yet. I'm trying to do my best though so I have as a goal to finish to watch all their dramas before the end of summer. Considering that I have school until June, that Arashi are 5 and that they did dramas for about 15 years I think that it's good; we can also consider that I have to watch other Johnnys' groups stuff and also VIXX stuff. Yes I'm starting to like VIXX, a korean group which I'm going to talk about in another post (maybe next). Also I have to watch some animes, to read some mangas and books, I have to dedicate a bit of my time to my OTP that is Sakuraiba, and I have to sleep and eat XD. Someone may say "You have a busy schedule how can you relax?", well...this is my only method to relax followed by listen to music ahah. Okay I'm starting to talk nosense again, why I always start to say useless and nosense things?
I hope that in these holidays I can recover all my strenght. The day we return we will have also a test and the next days we will have other tests so it will be a hard return >.<. I hope to surviveee *starts to cry and pray*
That's it from now, bye <3<3

(As always I'm sorry if my English isn't correct at 100%)

復活LOVE Performances

I was excited about it and I was soo looking for to this but after watched it I'm a little disappointed. It's not that I didn't like it, the choreography is beautiful yeah, especially the second part till the start of last refrain, I like when they use the microphone stand also, but it's totally different from what I was expected. Maybe it's because I love the choreography of the PV that when I saw that they used only some step, or not even one, of it I was disappointed. This is the first time that Arashi makes me feel this way and that's really odd and unusual for me. But I guess there are times like this, ne? Or it's me that is weird which is very possible XD
Then I love the steps of "Never let you go mou nido to hanarenai to chikaiau", really I'm crazy over those few moves that's why I'm sad because I can see them only in the PV. However this is only my opinion so probably the whole fandom is excited while I'm not XD. At least the song is wonderful so it's always enjoyable to listen to it and to watch it *-*.
Anyway, I liked most their performance at Music Station because they performed the whole song and the scenography was really nice ^-^.
Now I'll go, see you next time. Bye bye <3 <3
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Okay I needed only to express my emotions right now ahah. So, as you read I'm becoming crazy over this song and this is only the beginning ahah. I'm looking forward for their performance on VS Arashi, I can't wait >-<. 25th be quick please~. 私は復活Loveが見たい〜 (Sorry if this isn't correct, my japanese is not so well XD).

I'll go now, have a nice day ^-^. Bye bye <3<3
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Favourite Members (Ichiban, Niban, etc...) [Part 2]

Again I'm sorry for the terrible title but I decided to go with it and accept the fact that I'm not able to find a good title XD. Last time I talked about Arashi so this time I'm going to talk about the other groups.
First V6. My ichiban is Miyake because he is the one who made me discovered them so it was like "love at first sight" and because he is funny and beautiful and still look like in his 20s while he is 36 years old ahahah. My niban is Okada while sanban is Inocchi because between them and the others I prefer them XD.
Then Kanjani8. Ichiban is Yokoyama, niban Murakami, sanban Okura. For Yoko was also love at first sight while the others too are also for exclusion. Sorry, I don't have much to say about them.
And then Johhny's WEST. My ichiban is Ryusei also due to the love at first sight when I saw him on VS Arashi and the other members tell that he was in charge of being the airhead of the group XD; niban is Hamada because he is such a cheerful, funny, gentle and nice person; my sanban are, yes they're two, Kiriyama and Shige because they always make me laugh and because they are also kind; yonban is Kotaki but he is slowly becoming sanban because he is really a nice person and his voice is beautiful *-*; then goban is Kamiyama and rokuban is Nakama, it's not that I don't like them but I think that their facial features are similar to women's ones XD.
Also I have other members of johnnys that I like and they are Kato from NEWS, Kamenashi and Ueda from KAT-TUN, Masahiro from TOKIO, Yamapi, Noriyuki Higashiyama and Ikuta Toma.

And this is all! I'm sorry that this is boring but I wanted to write all my favourite members also for put order in my mind ahahah (Yes I have too much things in my mind recently). Now I go because, (as always) is late here, see you next time. Bye bye <3<3

[Here the photos of the groups ^-^]

(Sorry if my english isn't correct at 100%)
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Favourite Members (Ichiban, Niban, etc...)

Okay I could choose a better title for this post but I'm not good at it so I decided to write what I'm going to talk about in this post.
In the last post I talked about how I discovered Arashi, V6, Kanjani8 and Johnny's WEST and now I will talk about my favourite members of them. Due to the hour I'm gonna talk only about Arashi in this post.
First in Arashi my ichiban is Nino-kun, I really love all of him soo much because he is such a wonderful person in every way you look at him; I love his songs, his acting, his smile, his nature (at times really gentle and at times really bratty XD), then we have so much in common (like videogames, being an indoor type, etc...) *-*. Then my niban is Sho-kun because we like the same things, he is handsome and really funny and at first I was confused if choose him or Nino as ichiban but then my heart choose the devil dwarf XD; however Sho is strict about his schedule and his plans while I'm more "free". Then my sanban is Aiba because he is someone who could always make me happy and make me laugh; he is also a person with a big heart and he does his best all days without give up but he is someone who needs to be "controlled" and I also need to be controlled XD. Then my yonban is Matsujun and my goban is Riida; for Matsujun is because I'm a person that cares much of details like him and I think that be with someone like me it's not good, while for Riida is because he is too much short and because I don't find him really "handsome" ahahah but I still like him and find him a really beautiful person.
And this is all about my "classification" in Arashi ahah. I'll go because is late here (I don't know why I always write late at night, and I even complain at school that I'm sleepy XD), bye bye see you next time <3<3

[Here a photo of Arashi, they are handsome ne?]

(Sorry if my english is not correct at 100%)
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Other Johnny's Groups

Okay this is a short post just because recently I started to like other three johnny's groups which are V6, Johnny's WEST and Kanjani8.
I discovered V6 through Miyake that was on "Sakurai Ariyoshi Abunai Yakai" and then also in "Arashi ni Shiyagare" when he played dodgeball with the Aiba Japan's team (that episode was so funny XD).
I discovered Johnny's WEST always thanks to Arashi because I saw them on "VS Arashi" and I thought that they were funny and nice. However I started to listen to them and watch their perfomances or their corners in Shounen Club or other programs just recently.
While I don't remember how I discovered Kanjani8, maybe when they played "Magical Banana" on "Arashi ni Shiyagare" or maybe when they were in "VS Arashi"; I can't remember at all ahah.
As you can see Arashi made me discover about the existence of the other johnnys ahahah.
I'm going to talk about these groups on another post maybe tomorrow maybe Thursday or Friday, I don't know.
It's late here so I'm going to bed now, I'm sooo tired~. Bye bye <3<3
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